College Budget As a girl in college, i know how hard it can be to keep up with money. This blog is dedicated to sharing coupons, sale information, and encouragement by showing you deals i've found. I also gladly take submissions if you have any coupons/sale info/ deal stories you'd like to share! (:


Free nail polish remover pad

print this out for a free waffle!

(no it doesnt have to be your birthday!!!!)

free sample of gummy bear vitamins!

enter code KKFREE

this expires today guys, go go go!



print this out and bring it to buffalo wild wings by the twenty-fifth

yummmmmm (:

One word guys:


its the freakin best website ever. i’ve won a Vera Bradley phone case and all kinds of avon stuff. all completely free!

they start you off with 500 credits, and you can get tons more by doing easy surveys and stuff.

just make sure the items you bid on say FREE SHIPPING.

but go to

its so worth it i promise!!!!!!!!!

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